Hall of Fame

 1st toast - Vitas and Arbanis - 1981

1st toast - Vitas and Arbanis - 1981

For almost 4 decades, The Gillis has been evolving into different personalities. Each time, changes occurred because people expressed themselves in their own unique way, adding a whole new dimension to the tourney. Last year we honored and chronicled the people who have meant the most to us and this evolution. For those of you who have been around a few decades, you might recognize all of them. For the newer attendee, this will be a history lesson worth taking to help you understand and appreciate the people who make the Gillis what it is.

Chris Chavez, Geyer, JJ and Turley during the finals - 1984

Beta Rahn

Arico & Max Pepe - 1986

Turley - Homeless - 1986

Dik Johnson, Turley and crew - Jailhouse Rock - 1985

Jailhouse Rock: First camp ever, with live band too and inmates galore. What a Bust!