Welcome to Gillis 48!

JULY 28-29, 2018
Toes Beach, Playa del Rey

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Welcome to Gillis 48!

It’s crazy to think we are closing in on the 50th and final Gillis. We really don’t feel THAT old. It’s also amazing that we have families with four generations playing on the same court now. Memories of the 1st Gillis tourneys at original Gillis Beach stay in our slowly deteriorating memory banks like they were yesterday. Check out www.TheGillis.com and watch some of the priceless videos there. You’ll see how the hundreds of characters who have been coming for over four decades created such a fun tournament with their passion for volleyball, creativity and love for all of the Gillis family. You are the reason this continues to be such a unique tradition. Thank you sincerely for all of the efforts.

Gillis 47 was another stellar year. So many highlights:

  • The BEATWHITEY camp was the most creative AND delicious camp with the lawnmower blender in full swing. 
  • Molly Lazor was Queen Awesome and The Lucky Charms were Kings of the Green Jello. 
  • The Wheelers pulled off one of their best ever winning routines with DISCO BIRTH OF THE GILLIS. Y..M..C..A! 
  • The GILLIS MARIACHIS had to burn their stinky outfits after taking requests for anyone who would listen all weekend.
  • VIVA LOS LENNONS Dominated the 6-Man for the 40th straight year.
  • VENICE sizzled the Star Spangled Banner and “LIVE” on the beach.
  • The Stutzel crew kept expanding “Harry’s Angels” in downtown LA style.
  • Jesse Webster almost pulled out his 3rd straight win and finally had a good toast with his RULES OFTHE GILLIS with King Kerker. 
  • So much more.......

Our goal of cutting the 6-Man division in half worked great and we will again have only three courts this year. We encourage everyone to jump back into the 2-Man brackets, if possible. There will not be any Kids or Teen courts, so please play doubles with them in the Hoffy 2-Man bracket. We'll keep those teams bunched together.

In the Hoffy two years ago, we opened a new opportunity for the old guys to have a "Tag-Team" where three people can switch which two players are on the court. You must sub in on the serving position. Old guys can still rule... for a few points, at least.


If you are on Facebook and not getting Gillis updates, go to TheGillisVolleyballTournament to become friends.

The website at www.thegillis.com has so many amazing pictures by Denny Smith along with all of the results, history, our amazing sponsors, and so much more. Our sponsors are so helpful in putting the tourney on. We couldn't do it without them, so please give them your business all year long.



You must be 21+ to play in the 6-Man division or be part of a family team. Your roster must be on the entry form and must be filled out. If your team at the tourney doesn't match the roster, your team will not be able to advance. Bringing in "ringers" is not in the spirit of the Gillis. 6-Man costs are $100.

Please be VERY aware of your trash during the weekend. We pay heavy fines for the beach not being perfect. There are trash bags available all weekend at the G-Spot. Thanks for helping out.

Please help your teens and young adults stay in control. We shouldn’t need to remind anyone that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the beach. It's a very expensive fine if you get a citation. We will again have security strolling the beach all weekend.

We wish we could let everyone that wants to play in the Gillis in, but we just don't have room. After down-sizing last year, we have even fewer spots available. We love for all to come and watch.

We're sorry that parking is very tough. Take an Uber to and from THE GILLIS and save the headache.

We can’t wait to see everyone. Put some heat on your peeps who used to come every year and for some reason stopped. We especially want to see our past champions, Queens and Kings and all of the special people who have made Showtime so special. Only 3 years left so let’s get our old friends to come back.