The Toast

Jesse Webster & Josh Cannon
2-Man Champs 2016



  1. Drink until you pass out on the court.
  2. Don’t cry when you lose to an overweight player who only plays once a year.
  3. ALWAYS start and end each day with a BLOODY at POW.
  4. Love your Gillis neighbors.
  5. Invite your hottest cousin so they can marry someone in the Gillis family.
  6. EVERYONE in the finals must wear Speedos, have 5 shots of Tequila & 5 shots of Cold Duck.
  7. Automatic 5 point deduction in each game you don't have a costume.
  8. Gillis Kings & Queens are law, and rule ALL of the Gillis people. We MUST obey.
  9. Everyone MUST kiss the Cressmans & G Rated Champs.
  10. If you can't out-drink us and can't out-play us, take a seat and dream you could be us.