The Toast

Luke Grafton & Wil Bantle
2-Man Champs 2018


My fellow Americans,

First of all, happy Gillis!

48 years ago, something special happened:

The Gillis was born.

48 years ago, a tradition like none other took to the beaches of southern California.

Superb athletes from all over came to compete. Years later these athletes needed a challenge.

Naturally these players decided to take it to the next level by playing in the most entertaining of costumes, while of course consuming mass amounts of apple juice and electrolyte enriched water.

This is when the Gillis became great. I am not sure exactly when this happened exactly but it did. Trust me

The Gillis has been a huge part of everyone’s life and I’m sure no one wants it to go. No matter what beach. The Gillis will live on.