Welcome to Gillis 47!

JULY 29-30, 2017
Toes Beach, Playa del Rey

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It’s been quite a struggle this year to get the Dept. of Beaches and Harbors to allow us to continue on with the great tradition of The Gillis. We are hoping that it is all behind us now, but we have taken this as an opportunity to change and adapt and to continue to thrive. We have never been shy about change and we will make the necessary moves we see are needed to keep the tournament pushing ahead.

The dates have been changed from August to July 23, 24, for various reasons. First and foremost is the ability of all of the Cressman kids to be able to attend. We are sorry for the late announcement on the change and hope you can rearrange any plans you have already made. We will shoot for the same dates next year.

We are heading back to our historical roots at Toes Beach in old Del Rey at the thirteen courts sitting at the end of Culver Blvd. The parking is not as good as at Dockweiler, but the ability for all of us to walk to The Shack, Prince O’ Whales, Mo’s and other favorites is priceless. Uber will be in full force that weekend.

Going to a smaller amount of courts means we are forced to cut back on the size of The Gillis. We have had to do this in the past and we really reached over our max the last two years. It’s very difficult to keep it all under control and we personally would rather have the tourney as a true invitational, and have the community of friends we have known all of our lives be there, instead of a large portion who don’t know anything about The Gillis. To do this we are striving to cut back the amount of players and spectators by about half. 

The 6-man teams are where we have seen an overflow of volume of people who don’t think of The Gillis as anything other than an opportunity to party on the beach. We are going to eliminate the 6-Man OPEN Division and try to keep the 6-man Hoffy and Hoffy Plus to a maximum of 8 teams each, on two courts. Our goal here is to get many of you to play in the 2-Man divisions available still at all levels. The 6-Man entry fee is going to be $100. 2-Man teams will be $60.

The Kids and Teen Courts have been dwindling to only a few teams now, so we are going to eliminate both. If you have a teenage son or daughter, we think it would be a tremendous alternative to play together in The Hoffy 2-Man Division. We will try to keep those types of teams together as much as possible.

Some of the older players are afraid of signing up for 2-Man brackets, so we are creating The Gillis Tag Team in the Hoffy only. You will be able to have three players on a team and one would be able to sub in at the serving position. So you old guys can play as few points as you want, but still be able to play.

Gillis Collectables are also making some changes in that there will be no sales on the beach. The county says they are entitled to a huge cut of anything sold on the beach, so verything now will be pre-ordered and you will still pick up your orders at The G Spot. We are asking that you get your crew to do all of their ordering ahead of time, and before the deadline of July 8. You can order everything online this year with a credit card, or you will need to send separate checks for entry and collectables. If orders are placed after July 8 they will be picked up after The Gillis. Tell everyone you think will want to order, and give them a copy of your order form, or send them to the website to order online. We are going to make available order forms at the beach in case you forgot to order something. These orders will be delivered to Steve’s house for pickup three weeks after the tournament.

If you are on Facebook and not getting Gillis updates, please go to facebook.com/thegillisvolleyballtournament to become friends. 

For all of the amazing Gillis history, details and pictures by Denny Smith, you need to visit TheGillis.com. Please support all of our sponsors. We cannot put the tourney on without them and they deserve our patronage.

As we head towards Gillis 50, help us keep it alive and thriving. Start up the sewing machines and let’s make Gillis 46 another historical year. We can’t wait to see everyone.


The Cressman Families