TIE: Gnomes & Wheelers

Gnomes:  Sing-A-Long (sort of)

Got my suspenders, got my nut huggers, Must be Gillis Time, Must be Gillis Time!

Showtime starts just about 3 O’Clock, everyone gathers, I’m already drunk, I’ve had too many shots, Game went to shit.

Gnomes for 9 years, all that we’ve been through, Gay marriages, Red, white and blue for America, So raise your red solo cup

Chorus: Suspenders, nuthuggers, Big Pointy Hat

Adios Steve Cressman, He is not drinking today,
Ladies, he’s single and ready to mingle, so why don’t you come up to play
And Tim Hovland, Mr.s AVP, It’s such a hassle, cuz such an asshole is yelling everyday

The Browns & Wheelers always carry Showtime, We need more people to give it a try
It’s not that hard, You just make fun of Steve, Machado, Stutzel & Beat Whitey

Playing so bad is really a bummer, that in a few summers you’ll look like your dad

Adios Machado, Where have you been? Normally you’re so loud, yelling at the ground
And probably passed out in the sand.