gillis 48 collectibles


Gillis Collectables made the change last year to have no sales on the beach. We are again having pre-orders available for pickup at the beach and the deadline for these orders is July 14th. Any orders placed after that will be done 2-3 weeks after the tourney and will be picked up at Steve's house in Westchester.

The Gillis color this year is Deep Blue. We are also offering White and Charcoal for most items and special edition Yellow and Coral in Gillis T-shirts.

You can use the order form and send a check, or you can place your order online here. So we recommend placing that order today so you can pick it up at the G-Spot on Saturday of the Gillis. Tell all of your crew to place their orders early. Send them to the website or make them a copy of your order form. If you forget to order something, you will still get the chance at the tourney or online afterwards.

2-Man teams get two Gillis visors with their entry and the 6-Man teams get six 32-oz mugs free. Please remember to get a coupon from your court captain on Saturday morning and redeem it that day at The G-Spot.