The Toast

Jesse Webster, 2-Man Champ 2015

It's Gillis time, Merry Christmas, best tournament of the year!
Cheers to Gillis 46 and back to the roots
Where there are super hot chicks and over the hill dudes.

We are back to The Shack and not playing in the Smack
Just chillin' in "Olde del Rey" and listening to Venice, who's better than The Knack

8am with our buddies and POW's with Mojos, Bloodys, and beers
Everyone drink up... CHEERS!

We contribute our win to Gillis legends Harry, Robert Chavez, and the Cressmans
and hope The Gillis goes for another 50 years.
If not, we'll miss all our Gillis family and shed many tears.

When I say 1-2-3, say Ya Ya Ya Gillis 46!

Happy Gillis... CHEERS!